The Search Continued…

One way to not only find a contractor, but to see them in action and even get a reference is to drop by a new condo or housing development going up. The name of the contractor will usually be displayed on a banner or huge sign. Then, find any of the workers on site and ask what they like about working for that contractor.

contruction1Next, call the developer and ask for a reference. Remember – even though he’s a general contractor working on a huge project, he’s still a residential contractor who may be able to handle multiple job sites at a time and would be very interested in hearing about your proposed second story addition, or new guest house plans. The last thing you want to do is hire someone without at least seeing his work, getting references, or having a rapport.

This is where we here at Hire-A-Contractor-Now have been so successful at over the years. We keep our folders stocked with both references and portfolios of all of our contractors work to show our clients at a moment’s notice. Here is another roofing contractor of ours at Rockford Roofing that has been registered and verified with us for years that has gained our trust and word. They are licensed, have references, and many examples of the work that they have done which is everything you should be looking for when searching for your perfect team.

Keep in mind that this advice goes beyond roofing and applies to pretty much any contracting work that you might be having done. Remember that references are some of the most reliable sources that are available to you and should be taken seriously. If possible, try and go further than testimonials on a companies’ website, because those might not always be as accurate as they would like to be portrayed as. Review sites or blog pages are sometimes much more reliable and honest, as opposed to what the company can choose to display on their own website.

Use Your Own Judgement

More often than not, someone who describes himself as a professional handyman will more than likely have his skills and specialties listed at least on his business card, if not everywhere he advertises.  On top of have a concise list of what he can do, he also would more than likely have a web page (even a free page that his ISP sponsors; not necessarily an expensive professionally done site) that would act as his resume, and provide details on his experience.

roofsAHe may also have photos of recent jobs he’s accomplished, quotes from happy customers, multiple contact methods, and perhaps even a professional email address ( for instance). Here is an example of one of our most popular contractors at Tulsa Roofing that we have remained in contact with over the years and have recommended to our clients for years. These are the sort of credentials you, as a buyer, should be keeping your eye out for and taking mental notes on who does and does not meet them.

It’s up to you, the buyer, to decide how professional someone really is.  Fancy business cards and websites and even good references won’t guarantee that the person you choose is going to turn out to be the perfect choice. Having been around for as many years as we have, these sort of things to look out for have come more natural to us and does not take as much effort which is what our ultimate goal is for anyone reading this.