So What Exactly is a Professional Handyman & Roofing Contractor?

toolsIt seems that anyone who can handle a paint brush or a hammer has a business card that denotes himself as a professional handyman or reputable roofing contractor.  And, he might be right!  But, more often than not, he’s simply a man who can handle a paint brush and a hammer – not an extensive list of skills, and probably less than what you were hoping to find.

Someone who refers to himself as a professional handyman should certainly be able to deliver on his assertions.  He should have broad skill sets, perhaps even hold a license in a particular area (that he may or may not be using any longer), and have years of experience and references in the areas in which he is seeking jobs and offering to provide services.

The term “professional” of course has an entire host of implications and definitions, none of which implies that there is any type of license required in any state.  A professional handyman describes himself as a professional in the same way an office manager would describe himself as a professional.  No license – just a great work ethic. Check out these LinkedIn “professional handyman” profiles and see if you can identify with the most reputable and qualified ones.

However, someone who does add the word “professional” to his business card or advertising (postcards, job boards, even newspaper classified ads) should be assumed to be a cut above, although there is no guarantee since there are no rules or regulations by which a handyman work needs to be abide.  For instance, there is nothing stopping a teenager – whose sole claim to fame is mowing lawns during the summer – from having business cards proclaiming his expertise as a “professional handyman.”