What About Under the Roof?

Just like searching for the perfect roofing contractor, everything that we have discussed so far applies to other contractors as well. Let’s talk a little bit about ceilings, shall we?

ceilingWith the explosion of the do-it-yourself phenomenon, ceilings have taken on a whole new life. No longer are they simply painted and forgotten. There are numerous treatments and designs that even the average Joe or Jane feels they must try to accomplish. A plain ceiling is no longer acceptable to those with adventurous spirits.

Home improvement shows have taught you that it’s okay to paint the ceiling a completely different color than the walls. It’s okay to put wallpaper or even fur above your head. Really it’s all about your imagination, how far you’re willing to go and how hard you’re willing to work.

If you’re only mildly adventurous then you may stick to painting your ceilings a different color or colors than the walls are painted. If you use paint made specifically for ceilings and don’t overload the roller then minimal mess, can be attained. Ceiling tiles are another option. A lot of older houses had copper tiles with intricate designs on them. Today you can purchase tin tiles with the same designs.

There is also white wallpaper that mimics these designs and can be painted any color you desire. While the tin tiles are better than the copper in the fact that they are easier to maintain, hanging wallpaper is hard enough on the walls so you may want to consider the amount of work involved in acquiring a scaffold and enlisting a buddy in the process. This is a time consuming process because of having to wait for the paste to dry.