So Where Can I Find A Reputable Contractor?

No matter whom you want to hire, nothing beats recommendations from happy customers. If your neighbor had work done last year, and you are thinking about doing some remodeling yourself, this is the best place to start when you begin getting estimates. was specifically designed to provide an easy, user friendly methodology for consumers who need work done, and estimates prepared.

Finding a general contractor at online job sites can save hours and hours of valuable time. No playing telephone tag, no waiting to talk with references, no guessing, and it’s virtually mistake proof.  These job boards help manage your time, the job, the fees, and there is a paper trail to rely on in case of misunderstandings or further clarification.

contructionOnly the good quality contractors will register on sites like this simply because they are now visible to the world. The quality of their work and customer comments will be available for everyone to see. Contractors who know they have things to hide, or don’t have the correct licensing to be in business, or even those with a poor history of customer satisfaction and perhaps a few lawsuits, are typically smart enough to stay away from online job sites just to reduce their chances of being found out.

If, perhaps, you live in an obscure locale that isn’t serviced by this type of job site, you may need to resort to online searches or the phone book. If you do use the phone book, find ads that are at least an eighth of a page – telephone book advertising is quite expensive, and only very successful businesses – of any type – can afford these ads.